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Geotechnical Investigation

 Drilling by rotary wash method and DS/UDS sampling. Conducting standard penetration test (SPT) in boreholes/ trial pits. Sample Procurement, collection of different type of soil sample as per different national / international codes.

 Recommendations on bearing capacity, Type of foundation with detailed soil startification (generally required for Environment Clearance).

Material Testing(Soil Tests)

 Sieve Analysis (Dry/ Wet/ Hydrometer)

 Triaxial/ Direct Shear Test

 Soil resistivity test

 California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test


 Proctor Test(Standard/ Modified)

 Unconfined Compression Strength test

 Atterberg's Limits (Liquid/ Plastic/ Shrinkage)

 Free Swell Index

 Natural Moisture Content

 Chemical Analysis of Soil

Material Testing (Rock Test)

 Unconfined compressive strength

 Water absorption

 Specific gravity


 Point Load index

 Detailed description including RQD(Rock quality designation), CR(Core Recovery) etc.

Material Testing (Construction Material Test)

 Mix Design : Design mix for all types of grade.

 Aggreate (Coarse & Fine) : Sieve analysis/ Specific gravity/Soundness/ Deleterious content/ Crushing value/ Impact value/ Flakiness & Elongation/ Abrasion/ Bulking/ Silt & clay content/ Striping value etc.

 Steel Tests : Physical(Unit weight/ Tensile Strength/ Elongation/ Bend and Rebend Test) and Chemical(Carbon/ Sulphur/ Phosphorous)

 Cement Tests: Physical(Soundness/ Consistency/ Fineness Compressive strength/ Initial and final setting time etc.) and all chemical parameters.

 All Tyoes of Tiles/ Paving Blocks : Flexural Strength/ Abrasion Scratch hardness/ Modulus of rupture/ Chemical resistance/ Impact resistance/ crazing test.

 Wood/ Door Shutters : Specific Gravity/ Moisture content/ Dimension/ Impact indentation/ Edge adhesion/ End immersion/ Compressive Strength/ Tensile Strength etc.

Material Testing (Field Test)

 Plote load test


 Cone penetration

 Trail pits

 Soil resistivity test

 Field Density

 -Sand replacement method

  cutter method

 -destruction test(NDT)

 Rebound hammer

  pulse velocity

  load test

 Pile pull out test

 Axle load survey

 Total vehicle count(TVC)

 Benkleman beam deflection

BTS cell Site Maintenance

 Radio Power Management.

  Voltage Standing Wave Ratio(VSWR) measurement for RF feeder cables.

 Verification and correction of connectorization of RF/IF.

 Validation of antenna orientations and corrections if required.

Infra Maintenance

 We will perform Audit and certify that the Telecom infrastructure is built as per designs. In case of deviations the same will be highlighted.

 Verification and correction of all the fit outs of cells sites to maintain the desired design parameters.

 Reporting the list of deviation along with redline drawings.

 Verification of Copper La, Cable Lugs connections and terminations and their correction.

 Site inspections in regular intervals and identification and correction of any deviations.

 Apart from Riggers qualified supervisior will ensure work is done to high quality.

Professional Services

 Renessa provide wide range of professional services in o&m sector as below:-

 Nms O & M resource deployment on T & M / Site Basis.

 Software & Hardware upgrades.

 O & M Manpower Management.

 Development an implementation of preventive maintenance procedures.

 Hardware repair management.

 Cell site health check.

 Site & System Audit.

 End to End Consultancy Services.

Optical Fiber Cable Maintenance

Mobilization of well equipped teams with all required equipment and skilled manpower on 24 * 7 format for fault identification and rectification.

Test link attributes like the splice loss/link loss after the rectification of fault generating proper documentation in specified formats for the event in context of-

A-Break down maintenance record

Call registration

Fault rectification call

Call closure record

B- down time and up time analysis

Further the following records shall be submitted to customer on monthly basis

A- Internal records of the issue and consumption of spare parts, tools and consumables etc.

Regular mis reporting to the customer as per the agreed formats thereby analyzing to upbeat with the continual improvement of key aspects.

Scope of Work for OFC Network Maintenance


The maintenance of OFC routine will be under patrollers team will patrol the total length of OFC routes on daily basis and keep close watch on the cable routes to prevent OFC damage.

Diesel Filling

We provide DG maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, AMF panel, UPS, fire alarms systems, FMC, NMS, follow up for alarms, order wire, battery voltage, level of distilled water in the secondary cells, distilled water levels, battery charger and electrical installation of the prefabs/ building and report to EIC in case of discrepancies.

Correction Maintenance will also be carried out as and when it is required.

DG servicing, AC servicing, over hauling will plan accordance to the specification given by OEM/ Customer

Break down maintenance like tracking of alarms for site outages and link failures.

Preventive And Corrective Maintenance

All measurement for preventive maintenance shall be carried out as per prior agreed time schedule, which is given by the customer EIC the testing of all fiber shall be done, As once in a month for each of the block sector and reports shall be submitted any defects observed in the of cable or in any of the associated equipment shall be attended in consultation with the customer EIC at site during every visit to the stations for measurements shall monitor the condition of the optical equipment installed for any alarms. DG Maintenance, diesel filling, first level maintenance for DG, AMF panel Ups, Fire alarms systems. FMC, NMS NNMS follow up for alarms, Order Wire, Battery Voltage, level of Distilled water in secondary cells, top up distilled water if required and observe the condition of the battery charger and electrical installation of the Prefabs/ Building and report to EIC in case any discrepancies are observed.

Deployment of O & M Team

 Deployment O & M Team in carry out splicing and termination of optical fiber cable.

Scope of Work

 The maintenance of OFC Routes on regular basis i.e., 24 * 7 maintenance service is to be provided and therefore in the event of any emergencies. We will crew to attend to such work. Scope of work shall include routine OFC maintenance, breakdown OFC maintenance.

 The team consists of team Leader, Supervision, Splicer, Assistant Splicer Techician, Patroller, Helper.

Tools & Equipment

 Our team will be equipped with the following Tools & Equipment-

 Splicing machine, OTDR meter, road meter, power meter, earth tester, duck cutter, mobile phone, optical fiber tool kit, multi meter and gen set.

Deployment of frt Team

 As per the customer's requirement we deploy an FRT team consisting of a splicer, an assistant splicer, and a helper.

Our Passive Maintenance Services Include The Following Telecom Infrastructure

Radio Frequency Engineering

 RF Network Planning & Design

 Rf & Los Survey

 Drive Test & Network Optimization

 Network Kpi Analysis & Post Processing

Telecom Towers Design & Supply Engineering Construction & Project


 Site design & construction

 Tower Erection

Engineering Services

 Installation & Commissioning

 In building solutions for Wireless Networks

 It Enabled services

Operation & Maintenance

 BTS Cell Site Maintenance

 Optical Fiber Cable Maintenance

 Infra Maintenance

 Professial Services