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BTE Cell Site Maintenance

Radio Power Management, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio measurement for RF feeder cables.

Optical Fibre Cable Maintenance

Break down maintenance record, down time and up time analysis.

Infra Maintenance

We will perform Audit and certify that the Telecom infrastructure is built as per designs.

Professional Services

Nms O & M resource deployment on T & M / Site Basis.

Why Choose Us?


Renessa is developer of telecom infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh, Strating from Telecom Network Planning and Design through Operation & maintenance. We offer complete range of Services for Telecom Networks Viz. Design, Build and maintain on Turnkey basis or Workscope/Activity specific defined mode.

Transmition & Distribution

Renessa is provides total Turnkey Solutions for Power Sector Customers.


For meeting transmission tower and other structures, T & D engineers undertakes comprehensive design and related enginerring activities for EHV substations, distribution system, infrastructure electrification works. Our dedicated team of professional carries out design works aimed at fully meeting relevant standards and customers satisfaction.

Special Structure

Renessa is providing Turnkey Project Solution for Tv(Broadcast Tower), Fm, medium Wave, Short Wave and Vsat Network Systems.

Poly Enginerring & Systems

Renessa provide End-to-end solution for Telecom Companies including Telecom Shelters.

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